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I was in school and my mother had enrolled me in an oil painting course that took place right in front of the Yaguachi, in the Valle de los Chillos. I painted non-stop every afternoon and my dream was to be like Picasso; invent a new, revolutionary, wonderful language and have a castle. Of course it was only a teenage dream (hehehe), but part of the dream did come true; today I dedicate myself to painting and nothing else… that is enough for me and I have plenty of it. Being an admirer of Picasso and especially of synthetic cubism, I made many paintings trying to move geometrically. With this principle he projected lines from the main figure to the edge of the frame. Thus a kind of stone wall was created around the object. I played for a long time with this way of painting until I ended up in the crucified ones (which were already part of other experiences, another color, another intention).

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