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On December 21, 2012, Christian Mera created his virtual portrait platform: .

This becomes a kind of alter ego, introduces herself like this to people, camouflages herself and begins to offer her work. You experience a deep thrill in being able to meet people and help them face their own mirrors. All this from this kind of anonymity, with deep inner freedom and joy.

For the first time in his life, he is aware that "possibly" living with others could become the axis of his creative process; that until then would have seemed "too" intimate.


Within this vital and artistic phase, Christian Mera decides to identify, assess and decipher each influence that he has had throughout his life. Painting those men and women who have "contaminated" in some transcendental way their being and their line. Portraying someone whose contribution of thought or work has touched internal fibers and changed the course of their path at some point in their personal history.  


It is also a series without a specific goal; The artist affirms that he will continue to do so as long as he lives and that he will not renounce to recognize that his work and his pulse are the result of the flow of all his contemporaries and predecessors.


The Influences series so far is made up of portraits of: 

Oswaldo Guayasamín, Pablo Caviedes, Marco Martinez, Luigi Stornaiolo, Victor Delfín, Victor Jara, Pablo Picasso, Eduardo Kingman, Osvaldo Viteri, Jose Luis Cuevas, among others.

When they ask me about the time it takes me to paint a portrait, I stay silent, I don't know what to answer and the truth is I always end up saying anything ...

Well, one day while I was looking at one of my many self-portraits, an answer came to me.

I don't know if it will take a month or two ... or maybe it will take me years to finish a portrait ... or maybe I'll never finish it.

The answer lies in each experience I have experienced since I was a child or in each revenge that I have left on the waiting list ... in the laughter provoked ... in the people who have left a seed and mark in my life.

The answer is hidden in each shadow that I had to overcome to see some light ... in the numbers that I do not use and I never think I will use: the "theorem of this Pythagoras" or in the greatest common divisor ... well.

In solitude ... in my confused puberty. In the doubt of becoming an architect or a graphic designer ... in the many discussions and deliberations about my future. In the decision to be a painter and take the risk ... In the early mornings going to classes and in the bohemian sunrises singing in a bar.

The time I spend painting a portrait has been timed since I was fertilized and given birth ... since they arbitrarily decided that I would be called Christian.

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