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Clones Series (2010-2013)


Series started after obtaining his degree from the Faculty of Arts of the Central University, where he faces a new creative uncertainty caused by the conceptual influence of his university process. So it takes him about two years to definitely lean towards his true passion: painting.

In the midst of this "crisis" in 2010, he began to paint small beings that are born from the abstract, betting that the forms themselves show him lights to step on. The process was long but little by little these "Clones", as the artist has baptized them, began to resemble the human race; making the same mistakes and thus approaching their own extinction. The series "Clones" then tells the story of an extinct species that inhabited a planet very similar to ours. With this series the artist manages to recover his plastic lexicon, without neglecting his curiosity for the alchemy of oil, in order to obtain intense and exquisite textures; as well as to re-expose his work in front of the public.

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