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Useless song (2020-?)

The pandemic has passed us by and each one evaluated their inner world and their contribution to the outside. Well, it turns out that my profession is the most illustrious among the occupations of no importance in apocalyptic times. (It has never really been of any use and that's the beauty of it).

When the bomb exploded, even to myself it seemed that it was not the time to paint, or scratch, or publish, or update the web, or make links, or sell, and most of all, record of not communicating anything.

Time and custom made me want to comment on what we were and are going through. I started my picture "Pandemic" that will be in constant process and change until something or someone considers the health crisis "over."

Then I started to "sign" and wave my hand, tuning in to fear, confinement and the saturation of statistical information.

Also worth highlighting is the Yellow, Blue and Red Triptych, in which  I deal with the issue of the coincidence of my return to the country after three years of having renounced the concept of "Homeland" and by assuming the confinement of the Pandemic in "own" territory.

I have called all these attempts at expression the useless song, my vital and inconsequential need to paint in the midst of a pandemic. 


Pandemic ... Ecuador.


This pandemic appeared to me without a workshop and almost without materials; He had just returned to the country after a 3-year absence. Confinement, fear, a new city, a new house, a new uncertainty, an old country and an expired disappointment.

This blow to the chessboard I had to experience in Ecuador. That to survive he bare his lowest values and which I had renounced years ago. I returned and had to wait for the virus in a small nursery, in the apartment that I managed to find in the middle of the quarantine.  

In this triptych  Yellow, Blue and Red is my signature, which validates me in this precise moment and territory.  

Pandemic (oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm, 2020 -?)

Only when May 2020 arrived did I feel the need to “comment” on what this adolescent world we have formed is experiencing.

The Pandemic is in full swing and in constant change ... metamorphosis.  

Just like the virus, everything evolves towards an unknown being.


This work will change over the time it takes to die from the crisis.  

Days, months, years?

Who knows?


Sixth session: August 8, 2020

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