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Series "Useless Singing"
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Signatures for Chile, 2019

SIGNATURES FOR CHILE, Oil on stick on PVC, 2019.


Having made the decision to leave this country, I decided to give the last lines dedicated to what I experienced and what I did not. I tried to wave my hand in a farewell gesture ... as if stroking my murderer. 

They could be, from a point of view, signatures of surrender ... of truce.

Lines in an attitude of mourning, in black on white.

We arrived with the firm idea of making Chile our new home, but for now the clock of life makes it clear that it will not be so. 

We were not counting on a bomb that was about to detonate at any moment. We had not foreseen that the vital situation here hangs by a thread; that the tension of the people in the streets was going to end up weakening our forces, that our impetus to build ourselves in Viña was not enough and it vanished among the waves.

We are respecting the slow rhythm of the fire that has to be lit in the streets. These black lines will remain indecipherable, my most visceral pulse on what I felt in that black October that ended up being the spark of many things ... among them the precise signal that we should leave.

I do signatures 

The signature, the stamp of each individual.


The series “Firmas” was born when I realized that my eternal search to reach this abstract was easier than I had thought up to that moment. First of all, I had to stop fighting and always row against the current. Second, I realized that one of the most common acts of the Western human being today, signing a document, hid the transcendental key to change my line forever.  


Signing is an intentional impulse to wave your hand and be entirely authentic; That is why I have maintained for some years the thesis that anyone could paint a picture that is "authentic". Speaking purely in terms of individual expression, regardless of the theme, much less the "contemporaneity".

In the series "signatures" I experiment with expanding this micro moment of signing our personal doodle on a document; extending it in time and in the space of the whole painting.


Curatorial Text Madrid

Series "Duel"

Exquisite Corpse 2

Series "Signatures"
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